How To Steal A Wife
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How To Steal A Wife

How To Steal A Wife

How to steal a wife – an upbeat holiday comedy with characters trying to figure out if love is really stronger than money. Can you imagine what would happen if we locked a woman in a small apartment with her husband and her ex? And what if the latter was also accused of stealing and hiding an insane amount of money? Is the „first cut“ really the deepest, especially when it involves amounts numbering in millions?


Genres: Comedy, Romance

Actors: Giedrius Savickas, Inga Jankauskaitė, Rimantė Valiukaitė, Ramūnas Cicėnas

Directors: Donatas Ulvydas

Writers: Jonas Banys

Countries: Lithuania

Release: 2013-12-20


Distribution countries: Worldwide

Duration: 90 Min.

Quality: HD

Language: Lietuvių

imdb 7.2