When You Wake Up
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When You Wake Up

When You Wake Up

The singer called Punk is no longer of much interest to anyone. After his brush with fame, it only took a few years of drugs and alcohol to reach rock bottom. After yet another small town concert, Punk ends up spending the night backstage, drunk and alone. When he opens his eyes in the morning, he sees a little girl, who introduces herself as his daughter. Two lost souls set out on a trip together – a trip which will not only change their lives, but will also bring them together to appreciate the joy it brings.


Жанры: Романтичные

Актеры: Mindaugas Ancevičius, Leonardas Pobedonoscevas, Darius Meškauskas, Mantas Jankavičius, Jurgita Jurkutė, Džesika Vienažindytė

Режиссеры: Ričardas Marcinkus

Авторы сценария:

Cтраны: Литва

Релиз: 2014-11-21


Страны показа: Worldwide

Продолжительность: 98 Min.

Качество: FHD

Язык: Lietuvių

imdb 6.8

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