Molly Monster
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Molly Monster

Molly Monster

Molly Monster is going to have a sibling soon, but his good friend Edison is a little bit jealous and worried she might forget about him. When Molly's parents have to travel to the Island where monster parents hatch their eggs, Molly is not allowed to go because she is too young, nonetheless she decides to reach them on her own as soon as she realizes they missed to bring her sibling's gift with them.

Жанры: Анимация

Актеры: Judy Winter, Jasper Vogt, Sophie Rois, Tom Eastwood

Режиссеры: Ted Sieger, Michael Ekbladh, Matthias Bruhn

Авторы сценария: John Chambers

Cтраны: Германия, Швеция, Швейцария

Релиз: 2016-03-04


Страны показа: ee lv lt

Продолжительность: 72 Min.

Качество: FHD

Язык: Lietuvių

imdb 5.9